Caves Of Disko Island | Qeqertarsuaq | Disko Bay

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Set out on this extraordinary adventure to the caves of Disko Island on this boat tour departing for Qeqertarsuaq!

Disko Island is known for its unique and wild beauty. Due to the island's volcanic origins, the island is quite diverse from the rest of Greenland. Here you will find basalt mountains, lush flora and vegetation unlike any other place in Greenland, and hot springs.

A part of its volcanic heritage is caves off the island’s coast - caves that you will be exploring by boat!

You will meet your captain at Kongebroen by Qeqertarsuaq harbor. Here where you will be paired with a floating suit and come aboard the open boat Polar Alfa. You set out to sea and follow the coast of the island.  Take in the breathtaking coastal scenery of rugged cliffs, basalt columns, beautiful black beaches, and perhaps an iceberg or two on their journey to the Davis Strait.

Arriving on-site you will sail into a dent and navigate between basalt formations. Here you will explore one to five unspoiled caves. Some we will enter through narrow passages, some can only be seen from the boat and others can be explored by foot if your flexibility, wind, waves, and captain allows.

A highlight of the tour is a small cave hidden behind a glacial meltwater waterfall, that beautifully drops on the side of the cave. Here you enter the cave’s narrow passage by boat and once you are in the captain will stop the boat for you to enjoy the unspoiled volcanic deepening. An extraordinary experience that cannot be found anywhere else in Greenland!

The tour has a duration of 2-3 hours, but please note that the tour can be prolonged due to unforeseeable ice conditions.

Discover your moment of magic on this cave tour departing from Qeqertarsuaq, Disko Island by choosing your start date and pressing Book Now.


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