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Join our local guide on a tour out into the fjord and get close to the icebergs without the slightest sounds of an engine.

Kayaking is of a huge cultural significance, and you have come to its place of origin, where you can experience what it was like to be a hunter in Greenland before the Europeans came with their large wooden vessels.

There are icebergs floating by just outside of Tasiilaq and we will go kayak amongst them for 2-3 hours. You do not need any former experience to join this tour as we will take it nice and easy and just enjoy the peacefulness of the ocean.

Of the few sounds you will hear, one might be the melting of the icebergs themselves, and being so close to the waters’ surface, it feels surreal to be surrounded by these white ice sculptures. Feel the fresh Arctic breeze in your hair and glide along the cool waters as the sun starts to set, showering the horizon in wonderful colours.

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