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If you like to learn new languages or you like the sound of Greenlandic or you just want to learn a new language like Greenlandic, then this 1-hour course for beginners is perfect for you to start learning Greenlandic.

No worries! The course is 100% conversational, that means you won’t have to learn the grammar rules or learn how to read Greenlandic. The course will be simple, practical, short and super easy.

There are only around 56.000 people on earth that can speak Greenlandic, and they say Greenlandic is one of the hardest languages to learn, but do not worry. We know you can do it!

You will learn the basics in Greenlandic that you need to know to have a conversation. In this course, you will learn greetings, introductions, words and phrases for travelling, days of the week, months of the year and more. At the end of the course, you should be able to greet and introduce yourself to the locals in Greenland and have basic conversations with them.

Greenlanders love it when foreigners try to speak Greenlandic because it shows that they respect their language and that they have taken the time to learn it. Greenlanders appreciate the ones who try, even if they say simple words or sentences like ‘Qujanaq’ which means ‘thank you’ in Greenlandic.

There will be a further introduction about the course and you will get explained more about how the course is going to go at the beginning of the course.

Take this fun and educational course and impress people you know or others by speaking one of the hardest languages on earth, Greenlandic. Find a day that suits you, and reserve your seat in the classroom by clicking on ​Book Now.


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