Snowmobile tour to small settlement | Oqaatsut | Ilulissat

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January - April
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Go see what life is like in a small Greenlandic settlement, we will ride snowmobiles across hills, sea ice and frozen lakes to reach this charming little village,

With a population of fewer than 30 people, Oqaatsut is not a big place, you can barely even call it a town, but it has a shop, hotel, a restaurant and colourful houses spread across the coastline with the most picturesque view.

Here many are hunters and you can hear the sleddogs howling once in a while, yearning to run out in the snow-covered landscape.

It takes about an hour to get to the village, depending on the snow and ice conditions. If we’re lucky the frozen lakes haven’t been covered entirely by snow and we can look at how deep the ice is and bubbles of air stuck between the sharp cracks.

It’s a beautiful ride that you won’t forget any time soon, and visiting the settlement is like travelling back in time. Here they collect ice for water and catch a lot of their own food, a simple lifestyle in rough nature.

We’ll explore the area for a while and just enjoy the views before heading back to Ilulissat.

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