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Experience the ancient Inuit tradition of dog sledding on a 2-hour journey to the backcountry near Ilulissat.

Sled dogs have been used for thousands of years by Greenlanders as the primary mode of transportation during Winter. Many hunters still utilize these tough working dogs as they are able to reach places that a snowmobile cannot, and to nurture the special bond that has been formed over centuries of working together.

Your experience begins with a transfer out to an area of “dog town”, where you will be greeted by a symphony of howling dogs and your musher (dogsled driver). Your guide (or musher) will give you a safety briefing and show you how to sit on the sledge correctly before you head off on your dogsled adventure.

During the tour, the icebergs and spectacular landscape around Ilulissat will provide you with endless photo opportunities, and there will be plenty of time to stop and stretch your legs with a hot drink. The snow conditions and the sledge tracks will determine the exact route for the tour, but no matter where you go, the experience of sledding behind a pack of dogs will be an unforgettable experience.  

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Please remember that Greenlandic sled dogs are working animals. You should keep your distance when arriving at “dog town”. 


Dog Sledding

6 reviews for Dogsled tour | Ilulissat | Disko bay

  1. Deresteau

    Very nice experience.
    The dogs are beautiful and the musher was nice and friendly. Even if he didn’t speak english it was not a problem at all.
    The guides were present at the begining to explain how to sit and to behave on the sledge, which was helpful

  2. Emilie Sofie Fredsted Dahl

    Fantastisk tur på hundeslæde i den smukkeste natur! Dog lidt ærgerligt at kusken ikke kunne snakke dansk, men det var vi forbedret på gennem Guide to Greenland. Også meget ærgerligt at vi ikke kunne/måtte snakke med nogle af slædehundene, men forståeligt eftersom det er arbejdshunde. Synes dog, at de fleste hjemmesider beskriver, at kusken altid har en enkelt hund man kan få lov at snakke med. Derfor kun 4 stjerner.

  3. Ming (verified owner)

    Worth to join the trip in Ilulissat. Don’t worry about the cold weather, warm clothes and shoes will be prepared. Don’t worry about communication with mushers, the guide will remind the important safety guidance. Don’t worry about tough terrain, the musher will take care to make the sledding comfortable.

  4. Roberto Matthews

    Great experience

  5. Margaux Rodrigues (verified owner)

    It was an amazing experience. Guide to Greenland employees are really professional, available, kind and responsive.
    I want to come back to Illulissat to book the helicopter tour and the 4hrs Dogsled tour.
    The One hour tou was magical, we had a wonderful light on the mountain in the morning, with the sound of the dogs running and the sled sliding on the snow and the ice. My sister and I were just a bit frustrated not to be able to stop by to shoot the mountain, but fortunately we could photography the adorable dogs during the break.
    I recommend it !

  6. Alan Hirschfeld (verified owner)

    Everything about the dogsled ride was fun and professionally executed. This started with the warmest boots and coveralls we have ever worn, and the pre-ride instructions. Our group of eight was divided into four pairs and each pair was assigned a sled with driver and about a dozen dogs. Our driver and his team were very well-coordinated and gave us a smooth ride, over about 5km of mostly snowy terrain. Where the snow was sparse, the sled made a grinding noise on the rocks, but otherwise it was a silent, blissful ride. After a rest for the dogs, and some hot tea for the humans, we headed back over the same trail. All in all, it was, for us, a unique, educational and highly memorable experience.

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