Expedition on Dogsled | 2 Days | Ilulissat

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Dogsledding is a must when visiting Greenland and therefor PGI Greenland offers a 2-day trip that allows you to get the full experience. This not only is an ultimate trip for stunning views but also to learn about the dogsled and dogs along with the dedication it requires to handle a pack of dogs. An extremely fulfilling experience surrounded by breathtaking landscape away from civilization. Accompanied with your guide that will help you be able to talk to the musher and come close to the Greenlandic dogs. You will also be helping with getting the dogs and sled ready to head out into the wilderness.

An astonishing cultural experience that where you come close to the stunning landscape of ice and snow in the safe hands of a local musher. On this journey, you will get to learn to control the dogs and sled and travel through the untouched tundra and over frozen fjords. The start of the journey will be the most impressive and thrilling experience, as you sit back and let the dogs and musher take you across frozen lakes, hillsides and impressive scenery.

Accommodation on this trip will be in a cozy, simple hut with shared facilities where you will be served Greenlandic foods - a real gastronomic experience. Early in the morning you will see the local fishermen venture out to take up their long fishing lines with halibut. You will also have the opportunity to try icefishing yourself. This trip is for everyone who seeks a unique arctic experience, where you will be in the safe hands of the musher and guide. Come along this journey through the winter paradise away from civilization. See availability by pressing ‘Choose a date’ and book your adventure today.


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