Grand Sightseeing Adventure | Kangerlussuaq | West Greenland

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Experience every aspect of Kangerlussuaq on this adventure taking place on land, sea and mountain tops. This tour is for you who would like to experience the very best of Kangerlussuaq’s specialties – this is an adventure for every explorer!

You will from the ocean experience Kangerlussuaq fjord, traveling further out to experience the desert-like climate. This is a place sore for the eyes with the smell of the sea salt and fresh breezes. With only the noise of water splashing and birds flying above, makes this a truly amazing experience to soothe all your senses. You will be traveling out Kangerlussuaq fjord, where you will be able to see its massive magnificence. You and your fellow explorers will be continuing to Kelly Ville, a small settlement approximately 12 kilometers from the airport. Kelly Ville is also known as Sondrestrom Upper Atmospheric Research Facility. The research facility is run by the International Center for Geospace studies and was constructed in 1983, with the American remains from the second World War.

After you are done exploring Kelly Ville, the adventure will be followed with a drive to the top of Tacan Mountain, located south of Kangerlussuaq. Here you can enjoy a beautiful outlook over the landscape with a view to the saltwater lake, where the sun reflects perfectly across the water surface. Your journey continues to the Blackridge Mountain known for its many bird species nesting. After a short stop at the Blackridge, we will head down to the great Lake Ferguson. The lake used to be the source for freshwater to the airbase and town but has since been damaged when the Watson River flooded over in 2012. 1900 acres’ surface area is hard to miss and is definitely worth a visit.

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  1. Karen Ulfkjær (store manager)

    We went to every corner of Kangerlussuaq! Our guide Daniel told us some interesting stories and fun facts. On they way back we saw moskox. We had a great time and I will recoomend this tour for sure

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