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The adventure of a lifetime, take you to the Nuuk Ice fjord. Combining sailing and Nuuk fjord, always make of great adventures! This adventure is for anyone who adores the wonders of the arctic, from the glacier-covered landscapes to the luscious arctic tundra.

As soon as the boat leaves Nuuk, you realize how infinite the Greenlandic nature is. The sailing lasts 5 hours with many opportunities for beautiful pictures of nature, mountains and wildlife. En route, you can enjoy the spectacular fjord sceneries.

The 6-7 hour tour will take you through the worlds second-largest fjord system, Nuuk Fjord to the beautiful Nuuk Icefjord. Nuuk Icefjord is renowned for its beautiful fjord branch full of icebergs, in all sizes, shapes and blue/white nuanced colours. Arriving at the fjord, you will be surrounded by countless icebergs, as far as the eye can see. On deck, you can admire the sight and soaring sounds of retracting glaciers and melting icebergs.

Depending on the weather conditions for the given day, we will sail past the famous Sermitsiaq mountain. A good opportunity to get the perfect picture of the mountain. On the tour, you are sure to see birds, either the seagull or the famous white-tailed eagle. You might even be so lucky to spot whales along the way.

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