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June - September
2 hours
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Visit a local 'Ilimanarmiut' family and experience the Greenlandic hospitality.

A 'Kaffemik' is a traditional get together that is held at any special occasion in Greenland. Usually people invite family, friends and in smaller places the whole village joins. The structure of a 'Kaffemik' is very loose, the guests do not have to attend at a fixed time, but come when it suits them, stay for a little while to have coffee and cake and then leave. You will always find a lot of food at a 'Kaffemik'. The tables will be full of Greenlandic specialties, lots of different cakes and something good to drink.

On this trip you get to visit one of the local families that have lived in Ilimanaq for a long time. They will introduce you to the local way of life with all its cultural traditions. They will tell you stories from the old days and what it is like living in a place like this today in the ever more modern and globalized world. This is a unique opportunity to get close to the nice local people and support the local community.

If you are staying in Ilulissat, please remember to add-on your transportation to and from Ilimanaq in the booking process. Reserve your foodie and cultural experience by selecting your preferred date and clicking on Book Now.


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