Musk Ox Hike | Kangerlussuaq | West Greenland

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January - April
7 hours
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Come along, off the beaten track, into the vast Greenlandic wilderness, and experience to get close to one of Greenland's great mammals - the musk ox.

The tour starts from the boutique "By Heart", that you will find around 200 meters from Kangerlussuaq Airport. From here we will drive out of town, to the end of a dirt road that reaches 300 meters above sea level. This is where we will stop and get out, you will straight away be able to enjoy the splendid view to the river Qinnguata Kuussua and the Greenlandic Ice Cap.

From this point the guide will decide which route is best to take, depending on the weather conditions of the day. When hiking we will follow tracks made from other hikers, animals and we might also hike off the tracks, to get the best views. The guide, which knows the area very well, will all the time be on the lookout for wildlife. This terrain is the home to the musk ox, so there are great chances of seeing these big creatures.

On the way we will find a place to sit down and cook a good meal with local ingredients and enjoy it with the view of the mountains.

The tour can take between 4-7 hours, so if you have a long transit in Kangerlussuaq Airport, this is a great activity!

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1 review for Musk Ox Hike | Kangerlussuaq | West Greenland

  1. Gerda Elbrønd

    Det var en helt igennem fantastisk tur, helt perfekt og alt hvad vi havde håbet på. Guiden var virkelig sød, ville gerne fortælle en masse og god til at finde dyrene. Det lykkedes os at komme helt tæt på de store dyr. Oven i det havde vi en storslået naturoplevelse. Fedt at der var mulighed for at vandre en længere tur.

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