Open Boat Glacier Expedition | Nuuk Icefjord

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May - September
6 hours
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Is it your dream to sail among icebergs? Travel the full length of one of the world’s largest fjord systems to marvel at the Narsap Sermia glacier on this full-day adventure into the Nuuk Icefjord.

Leaving the harbour, your journey begins by sailing almost all the way around the city of Nuuk.  The colourful buildings soon give way to the impressive Sermitsiaq mountain as you make your way along one of the longest waterways in Greenland.  Sit back in the open boat, relax, and feel the cool arctic air surround you as you glide past the innumerable mountains that separate the different arms of the fjord.

As you get closer to the end of the fjord, you will start to sail past icebergs of all different sizes. This is where they are born - cast adrift by the melting glacier face to make their way along the currents and tides towards Nuuk.

Your captain will bring you as close to the glacier as possible while still ensuring your safety, and from there you will bear witness to the world’s second-largest icefjeld.  Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while you watch and listen to the silence in a truly remote setting.

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