Oqaatsut Settlement | Private Tour | Ilulissat | Disko Bay

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Get the ultimate experience of a small settlement in Greenland. The settlement in Disko Bay holds around 40 inhabitants and is also known as Rodebay. Rodebay is situated approximately 15 kilometers from Ilulissat and is only accessible by boat in the summer and in winter, by dogsled and snowmobile. The settlement is located on a small peninsula at the foot of a large mountain and was baptized Rodebay by dutch whalers, Rodebay means "Red Bay" and "The resting Place". The village has been inhabited since the 1700s and was given settlement status in 1877.

This tour is an exciting journey to get a better understanding of the Greenlandic living conditions and how resilient the locals are, with limited internet access, electricity, and only one store. Nonetheless, does the 40 locals thrive in their small community and very friendly and welcoming from outside visitors.

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