Private Midnight Sun Tour | Uummannaq | North Greenland

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June - September
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Join this breathtaking tour into the Uummannaq fjord under the rays of the midnight sun. For three hours, you will be cruising around the unspoiled fjord landscape, while enjoying the spectacular light of the midnight sun.

From the middle of May to the end of July, the sun simply doesn't set in Uummannaq. The area also has pretty stable weather and therefore averages around 2000 hours of sunlight a year!

Cruising around the icebergs in the bright colourful hours of the night is nothing short of breathtaking. The icebergs can vary greatly in shape, size and structure. Some of them are the result of snow being pressed to ice, over its own weight through 100's of years, with lines of frozen meltwater giving a strong blue colour. Others are large crystal clear blocks of blue ice, either way, they're all fascinating and you won't be able to stop smiling as you sail among colossal and bantams alike.

From the comfort of a Targa boat, you can be lucky enough to see the migratory birds soar above you as well as marine mammals such as whales and seals.

Please note that the price is for chartering the whole boat for this excursion.

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