Private open boat tour to Ghost Settlement | Kangeq | Nuuk

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Day Tour
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Come along and visit one of the old abandoned settlements in the Nuuk area on a private open boat tour (6 passengers included).

Kangeq is located on the Nordland, east of Nuuk. The settlement was inhabited until industrialization in the 1960s when the inhabitants were forced to the capital, Nuuk. Since then the place has been abandoned and resembles a ghost town, where time has stopped. A trip to Kangeq is a journey taking you back in time.

It takes around 45 minutes to sail from Nuuk to Kangeq. You will have one and a half hours on land to explore the settlement yourself before we sail back.

The sailing in itself is a good experience, as you will see the beautiful landscape from a new angle. You can enjoy the view of the mountains, the seabirds, and the fresh arctic wind. You might be lucky to catch a glimpse of a seal, whale, or other arctic wildlife as well.

The lands have been inhabited by Inuits for 100 years, as it was a former Inuit trading ground. Walk in the footsteps of Inuits, while searching for vanished ages in the grounds. History is displayed in the old colorful trite houses, as the cores tell stories of the modest living conditions found in the colonial period. Search for Inuit ruins and learn more about Greenland's present, by exploring its past. Neighboring the island is the Island of Hope. The Island of Hope was inhabited by Hans Egede for years, before colonizing Nuuk.

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