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Exploring our colorful city has never been easier or more fun! Hop on a smart electric bike that’ll help you over the hilly terrain without breaking a sweat!

When you go to pick up your bike, you will be provided with a helmet, a lock, and charger if needed, we’ll give you a quick introduction and then you’re on your way!

You can rent it for as many days as you like and you can easily get from one end of the city to the opposite end with this bike. We recommend exploring the old colonial harbour and getting icecream at café toqqorfik while you enjoy the view of the ocean, and possibly an iceberg or two.

Go explore the art in the streets, you can even follow the art walk, or make your way along the coastline to enjoy the breeze and get a feel of the urban life here in the capital of Greenland.

The bikes are easy to use and we guarantee you'll have fun riding them. They are a great alternative to renting a car and much more sustainable! So go ahead and book your bikes today!




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