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June - September
2.5 hours
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Angle in your excitement and hop on board our boat, taking you to the best sea angling spots in the Disko Bay area! This excursion should not be missed, by you who would like to master the art of sea angling, in the most extraordinary surroundings of Disko Bay.

You will be met by your captain in Ilulissat harbour, from where you will venture out on the vast waters of Disko. The captain is local and knows the area like the palm of his own hands. He can tell you everything, from the fish that you catch to the history of Ilulissat.

When arriving at the best fishing spots in the Disko Bay area, the captain will brief you on the inside-techniques of sea angling, so you are sure to get a fish on the hooks. Disko Bay is known for its rich waters of cod, halibut and Arctic charr.  When you drop the longline into the water and wait for the fish to bite, enjoy the beautiful setting and the migrating icebergs.  If you are lucky you might be able to spot one of the many whales, that reside Disko Bay in the summer. 

Experienced or not, old or young, sea angling can be mastered easily. With the rich waters of the bay, you will be sure to get a fish on the hooks! 

Put on your warmest hat and bring your fellow explorers for this sea angling tour. Check the booking availability by pressing "Book Now" above. 


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