Searching for Humpback Whales among Icebergs | Ilulissat

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Go searching for one of the most beautiful creatures in the world amongst giant icebergs near Ilulissat!

This tour will take you on a small boat with a cabin in case it gets a little chilly, out looking for whales amongst the many icebergs in all shapes and sizes.

The most common one is the Humpback which is also one of the most interesting sightings as they are often in Ilulissat with their young and love to show their unique tail flukes as they dive. We might also spot the second largest species of whales in the world, the Fin whale, however, it’s a shy creature and rarely shows its tail, but the sheer size of it as it comes up for a breath is an incredible sight in itself.

The small size of the boat allows us to get fairly close without disturbing the whales too much, in fact we might get close enough so that we can hear their breath.

The humpback whales are especially photogenic with their black skin contrasting against the blue and white icebergs, and if the conditions are right their breath will show up as golden columns of water vapor in the sun.

We cannot stress how wonderful it is just to go sailing in the bay amongst icebergs and the whales just elevate the experience, so stop hesitating and book your tour today!


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