Stars & Northern Lights Ride | Sisimiut

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Day Tour
January - March
2 hours
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Join this magical evening trip with the Monster sled, and venture into the darkness among the mountains to explore the night sky far from any light pollution. We will be going to awesome locations for the best conditions to see northern lights and a brilliant show of stars.

We will go to a viewpoint that overlooks the city of Sisimiut, giving you a great sense of the scale of the vast nature that surrounds us in Greenland.

The northern lights can happen at any moment and can vary in strength and colours, we just have to get lucky. And even though this incredible phenomenon might not happen we will still have fun, and the huge blanket of stars is a sight to remember as well.

We will bring blankets to keep you warm but it is still necessary to dress as warm as possible, a good idea is to have several layers of wool with a final wind-breaking outer layer.

Sisimiut is located right by the Arctic Circle and is well known for its great chances of seeing northern lights, so go ahead and put on your favourite woolly socks and join us on this adventure into the polar night. Select your date of departure and click ​Book Now​ to reserve your place.


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