Trekking to Iceberg Lake | Kangerlussuaq

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Come along on a hike deep into the arctic wilderness, to a place far from civilization, only surrounded by the vast beautiful landscape. You will experience the diversity of the Greenlandic nature, as you hike through the flat plains in the lowland to mountain tops. You will follow rivers of glacial meltwater, camp by a lake full of icebergs, and even set your feet on the mighty Ice Cap.

All this you find far away from everyday life, in a landscape that is home to great wildlife. You will have good chances of spotting the musk oxen that roam free. Arctic wildlife is abundant in this area, such as caribou, arctic hare, polar fox, ptarmigan and eagles. Listen to the calls of ravens and hear the rumbles and thunder of the glacier. Experience the rich historical legacy, as we pass graves and ruins from summer settlements with untold stories of ancient Inuit who have made their living from this land.

This is the ultimate trip to explore the Arctic landscape. Along with an experienced guide and maximum 7 other participants you will spend 10 days in the wilderness - hiking, camping, and visiting some unique places that can only be reached by foot. Read the full daily itinerary beneath.

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