Two-Day Dog Sled Adventure | Kangerlussuaq

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February - March
2 days
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Join this unforgettable dogsled journey into the wild Greenlandic nature! It will leave you speechless, as this expedition-style tour will take you deep into Kangerlussuaq backcountry to stay at a hunters' cabin or possibly even a specialized tent, to properly experience the Polar night, one which might be illuminated by the incredible northern lights.

From when you first get introduced to your dogsled musher and the dogs, you will become a part of the team. You will be helping with things like preparing meals, putting up tents or preparing the hut, which you will be staying in. You will be helping with ice cutting, melt snow for drinking, feeding the dogs and packing the sled. You will be learning about the dogs, how they obey and react to the driver, and what you can do to participate when travelling by dog sled. You will get to experience how Greenlanders used to depend so much on the dogs, and how many still use them as a means of transportation, and you'll clearly see how much energy and skill it takes to handle a dogsled.

This expedition can be challenging going on hard ascends and fast descends, we do not recommend taking it on if you are not at good health or if you have back problems. 

Ready to experience the Polar Night by the authentic mode of winter transportation in Greenland? Select your preferred date and click Book Now to reserve your place on our dogsled.


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