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Would you like to see Nuuk from the best view possible? Then come along and join us on this guided hike to the mountain Ukkusissat, Store Malene. Explore the capitals best view from the summit of Store Malene!

You and your fellow explorers will be greeted by your guide in the heart of Nuuk. There will be a transfer out to the bottom of the mountain and back afterward. At the bottom of Ukkusissat awaits an out-of-town adventure! Your hike starts from Qinngorput and takes you 772 meters above sea level. We will follow a dirt road, neighboring a boisterous river to the spectacular lake Cirkus. Lake Cirkus is circumscribed by a crater of mountains, with luscious mountainsides.

A place so spellbinding and enchanting, that not even your imagination can fathom its beauty. We will hike along the shores of the lake and find our way to the marked path, that will take us up the mountaintop. En route, the guide will tell everything you need to know about arctic wildlife and herbs, and if you are lucky, you will be able to see one of the foxes residing in the area or the eagles playing in the wind. 

From lake Cirkus, you start your ascend towards Ukkusissat. From here it only goes upwards and the hike is not easily conquered. The mountain is approximately 772 meters high and is a gem, adored by all locals. Ukkusissat means soapstone, and local artist conquers the mountain to find soapstone to carve in.

Once you have conquered the steep mountainside, you will be rewarded with the most astonishing view over Nuuk and the fjord systems with many veins. Nuuk fjord is known for its mythical mountains and blue waters, it is a magical experience to see it from above. On top of the mountain, you will find a field of Inuksuk, build your own if you’d like. Once you have enjoyed the mesmerizing view of Nuuk, we return to Nuuk the same way we came. We will pass a mountainside, covered in snow all year round. Do like the locals, and sledge down the snow on a plastic bag or jacket! 

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Ukkusissat | Store Malene


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