UNESCO 4 days package | South Greenland

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Vacation Package
June - September
4 days
Start town
Narsarsuaq Qaqortoq
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See one of the most charming sites of Greenland, South Greenland. There are 5 specific places in South Greenland that are part of the new UNESCO World Heritage Site, which presents a unique history of farming in the Arctic that begins with Norse settlement in Greenland in the 900s. On this package, you’ll have a great opportunity to see 3 of the UNESCO sites: Hvalsey, where you can see the best preserved Norse church - Igaliku, which is a beautiful family friendly sheep farmer village - and Qassiarsuk, which is an ideal area to hike.

You will also be staying in Qaqortoq which is the biggest city in South Greenland. The city is decorated with the permanent art exhibition “Stone and Man” consisting of more than 30 sculptures all over town. The artworks were created by 18 Nordic artists, and the artworks were made directly from the cliffs and bedrocks, permanent indeed! Qaqortoq is full of life with traditions, culture, and history. While here you can visit Great Greenland, which is a place where sealskin is made into fine mittens or bags (etc.) for him and her. In the center of the town you’ll find the one and only fountain in the whole country, right nearby the local museum which has an exciting collection of tupilaks and other things.

During this 4 day trip, you’ll get to experience the charming southern part of Greenland. Your first meet with South Greenland will be Narsarsuaq from which you’ll be sailing to Qaqortoq (2 hours), amongst icebergs and possibly even whales and seals. The day after you’ve arrived in Qaqortoq you’ll get to see the first of the UNESCO sites, the church ruin in Hvalsey. Before you sail back to Qaqortoq there’ll be plenty of time to take a walk and enjoy nature. Your exploration has just begun and over the next few days you’ll be out and discovering more Norse ruins in the prettiest landscapes.

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