Whale Watching and Iceberg Safari | Tasiilaq | East Greenland

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Join this 3-hour whale safari, departing from Tasiilaq! You will be scouting for whales, while drifting through the most beautiful surroundings of white icebergs, contrasting the dark blue sea.

Already when leaving Tasiilaq, you will be met by the many icebergs that characterize the fjord of Sermilik. While you enjoy the scenery, the captain will be scouting for whales of all kinds.

We'll be heading out of the fjord, towards the open sea. Here the good chances of spotting Humpbacks, Minkes and the enormous Fin whales. If we're extremely lucky we might even see the Orcas!

The humpback whales are wonderful to come across, as they are not as shy as other whales and will often show their white-spotted tail as they dive. As it can grow up to 18 meters it is a big whale, but it is also the most acrobatic of the large whales. The humpback can leap completely out of the water, a rare and incredible sight for the lucky few.

Many of the whales come here for the large schools of capelin, a small fish similar to herring. These fish provide an excellent food source for both whales and the local people. A local delicacy is to dry them in the sun and eat them whole. 

The orcas, however, are looking for young whale calves that aren't yet strong enough to defend themselves, and there are plenty of seals to come by as well.

As we have set out in the evening we get to enjoy the colours of the midnight sun, a wonderful sight, sometimes with incredible colours.

We can never guarantee to see whales but it is one of the best areas in Greenland to find them.

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