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History of Greenland

Lichtenau - the abandoned townIn South Greenland, north of Alluitsup Paa, you can travel back in time and experience what used to be a big settlement with up to 500 inhabitants. Today, there are onl
The famous polar explorer, Paul-Émile Victor, used motorized tracked vehicles - Weasels –  to get his equipment to the ice sheet. greenland today has found evidence of the expedition – and delved into
Help! The Vikings are coming!The world has become smaller and the process began long before we got the internet, global trading and round the world travel in less than the famous 80-days. No, the wo
Photo: Tiina ItkonenOn the trail of Alfred Wegener and Rasmus VillumsenIt feels as though Uummannaq receives travellers with open arms. The harbour is a welcoming place, scattered with colourful h