Visiting Greenland national museum

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I wanted a last insight into the Greenlandic culture before going back to Norway, so I decided to go to the national museum. From the small visit I did, I got to see and experience Greenland from the stone age 4500 years ago to world war II.

Old kayaks

I think what I found most interesting was to see how they made their tools back in the days and see how they lived. I found it very interesting to see all the different kayaks and how they were different from each part of Greenland.  

Old axes
Old settlement with tents

The museum is kids friendly as well. There is an own department for the kids where they can sit and draw, read books and play with old Greenlandic toys. There is also fur on the wall that you can touch and guess what kind of animal it is. And also bones from different animals that they can touch and feel and see how the Greenlanders use the material. 

Different animals

At the museum, you can also see mummies, which I think it’s one of the most popular attractions in there. It was a bit creepy, but also sad. The death is unknown, and they were found fully dressed and the oldest women with the traditional face tattoos. 


You can also see pictures and read stories about different myths and legends. Greenland has a lot of that. A lot of the Greenlandic myths are used as an art as well and you can find some displayed in the museum. Among other the tupilak.

Display of tupilaks

I also got to learn about the Greenlandic role in world war II and how it affected Greenland positive. And how the technology got more common in Greenland.

Greenlandic coulpe listning to radio

You can also sit down and enjoy an old Greenlandic movie and read in the old newspapers and magazines.

Coulpe watching movie

They sell nice and cheap postcards in the museum, and some books as well in languages as Danish, English, German and Greenlandic.

Experience Nuuk and it’s history by the fullest by joining the city walk which also includes a visit to the national museum with a professional guide.

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