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Experience the amazing Eqi glacier throwing tonnes of huge icebergs into the ocean for a little longer than on a normal tour.

Sailing is a nice and easy way to get to some of the top attractions around the amazing Icefjord. You book the trip and we will pick you up on one the southern or northern side of the harbour - just like a Yellow Cab.

Let us take you on a once in a lifetime adventure. Eqi is located around 80 kilometres north of Ilulissat. We will sail north from the city through the beautiful Ataa fjord. Here you will see the picturesque snow-covered mountaintops stand tall along the fjord - a sight in itself. When we round the last headland the magnificent Eqi glacier appears. The glacier front stretches over 4 kilometres! An overwhelming sight that truly shows the grandeur of the Greenlandic nature.

We will sail as close as possible to the glacier but always keep a safe distance. Eqi is one of the few places where the conditions allow us to get quite close to a calving glacier. From here you will hear the cracking noises from the small bubbles of air inside the ice, that eventually will create a huge explosion and launch a new iceberg. The fjord is an ever-flowing stream of icebergs in all shapes and sizes. Here they start their journey to the open ocean.

Many travellers mark this as the highlight from a trip to Greenland - a true must see!

It takes around two hours to sail to the Eqi glacier from the city, we might catch a glimpse of a whale when sailing in this area. Then we have some hours around the glacier, to sail around and get the view from different perspectives before sailing back.

Please note that the price is for chartering the whole boat for this excursion. This will include one to six passengers. When booking you will register one person and following choose how many extra passengers are on the trip. It is important for the Captain to know how many people you will be on the trip and that you fill in the names on the passenger list.


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If you are going on an excursion it is highly recommended to bring both camera and binoculars. It is also advisable to bring warm clothes that are suitable for the weather. A neck warmer and gloves is always good. It is possible to bring your own food, but save the trouble and order a sandwich or a lunch plate in the booking process.

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