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Join on an unforgettable adventure in South Greenland!

Travel directly from Copenhagen, Denmark, far north to the remote land of white and green. When talking about Greenland you might only have seen the white snow-covered landscape, but when you travel to South Greenland you will understand how the country got its name. You will get the best of everything - hiking in the grass, green rolling hills, see amazing mountains, camp by glaciers and have the possibility to kayak among icebergs in the calm sea.

This trip is for the adventurous traveler, but who still enjoys having everything organized so you just can enjoy the journey. You will come to places far away from the modern civilization and be able to experience the complete silence, only broken by natures sounds.

The tour will start out from Narsarsuaq from where you will sail across the fjord to the base camp. The first couple of nights will be spent in "Domo Loft" tents on the sandy shores of a fjord with a view to three glaciers coming down to the water. From the camp there will be hikes in the mountains and ice hiking on the glacier. You will experience breathtaking views over the Ice Cap - an endless white landscape.

After a few nights at the camp you will visit some of the surrounding sheep-farmer settlements, cruise between icebergs in the icefjord and have the option to try kayaking between the icebergs in a calm fjord.

The area has recently been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site because of the beautiful landscape and rich Inuit and Viking history.

All together the trip is a perfect combination of amazing nature experiences mixed with rich cultural and historical inputs.

Pack your bags and join on this amazing adventure! Check the booking availability by pressing ‘’choose a date’’ above.


Return flight between Reykjavik domestic Airport-Narsarsuaq (excl. taxes)
Or return flights between Copenhagen-Narsarsuaq (excl. taxes) if you book the supplement for Copenhagen departure
English speaking expedition guide
Transfers in Greenland according to daily itinerary
Accommodation according to daily itinerary
Full board (all meals during tour)
Tour to Brattahlid historical Norse site
Camping equipment
RIB boat travel equipment
Greenlandic farewell dinner


Glacier Hiking
Kayaking & SUP
Glacier Views
Iceberg Views
Boat Tour
Wildlife Observation
Food Tasting
Settlement Visit


Qooroq Icefjord

Daily itinerary

Day 1
Wonders of Greenland | South Greenland - day 1

Welcome to South Greenland!

Welcome to the first day of your adventure in Greenland!

Today you will fly out from Copenhagen Airport, directly to Narsarsuaq Airport in South Greenland. As you come closer to Greenland you will begin to see the beautiful landscape of mountains and the enormous icecap.

Explore Qassiarsuk Viking Ruins:

At the airport you will be greeted by a guide, who will lead you down to the sea where a zodiac boat waits to take you to Qassiarsuk - in summer a beautiful green area, that was the capital of the Vikings in Greenland, who named the area Brattahlid. You will be taken on a guided tour of the Viking ruins, where you will learn about the history of Eric the Red, who came from Iceland in year 985 to found this settlement. In Brattahlid you will also find a beautiful reconstruction of a Viking house and a Inuit dwelling, making you able to imagine how living in those times could be.

Today around 50 people live in the village and in 2017 this historically and culturally rich farmland became listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site under the title Kujataa Greenland.

You will spend the night at the Leif Eriksson Hostel.

Day 2
Wonders of Greenland | South Greenland - day 2

Explore Narsaq and Qaleraliq Camp

After breakfast it is time to move on to the next destination. The course will be set towards the base camp, where you will be spending the next couple of days.

Halfway there will be stop in the town of Narsaq, where around 1500 inhabitants live their daily life. In Narsaq you will have some freetime to explore the town. You can easily spend some hours in Narsaq. Walk around and see what a bigger place like this has to offer. Beside from enjoying the nature you can visit the museum, fish market or souvenir shop, to see if you find something to bring back home.

After some time in Narsaq you will get back onboard the boat and sail towards the Ice Cap, where the Qaleraliq Camp is located. The camp lies on a sandy beach with a spectacular view of three glacier tongues. The rest of the day will be spent at the camp, getting settled in the tents and just enjoying the silence of this remote place - only broken when huge chunks of ice decide to fall off the glacier walls, into the fjord.

The coming nights will be spent in basic, but comfortable, 4 bedded "Domo Loft" tents.

Day 3
Wonders of Greenland | South Greenland - day 3

See the Ice Cap

Wake up to the amazing view of the glaciers - it is hard to imagine anything better to wake up to.

The area is home to a great amount of caribou, which you have good chances of spotting from the camp. After enjoying breakfast at the camp it is time for hiking. Get your hiking boots on and get ready to hike to the Tasersuatsiaq lake and a 400m. tall mountain. At the summit you will have an immense view over the never ending Ice Cap and the "nunataks". The nunataks are the tall mountain tops that come above the Ice Cap.

In the afternoon there will be time to enjoy different activities around the camp - fishing, picking mushrooms or berries, or you can just lean back and relax completely!

Accommodation at the camp in 4 bedded basic but comfortable "Domo Loft” tents - see picture above.

Day 4
Wonders of Greenland | South Greenland - day 4

Glacier fronts and Ice hiking

Today you will get closer to the glacier that you can see from the camp on a zodiac boat. At the same time you can see the impact climate change has had on the nature in this area. The three glacier tongues, that you see used to be one, but ac the ice has retracted the underlying landscape is now dividing the it into three.

Accommodation at the camp in 4 bedded basic but comfortable "Domo Loft” tents - see picture above.

We will navigate along the vertical glacier fronts on a zodiac boat. These glacier fronts extended in only one, but the dramatic progress of climate change divided it in three glacier fronts. From there we will start the Inlandis tongue hiking. An impressive trek using crampons where we will explore its crevasses, drains, caves, and seracs which give an labyrinthine quality to this glacier. An expert mountain guide will be in charge of the excusion to ensure the safety of the group, while he shares with us his knowledge about the characteristics of the glaciers in the southern Greenland. Accommodation in 4 bedded basic but comfortable rooms of Domo “loft”.

Day 5
Wonders of Greenland | South Greenland - day 5

Igaliku and Qooroq Icefjord

Today it is time to leave the camp at Qaleraliq and head to Qassiarsuk. On the way to Qassiarsuk there will be few stops to explore different things on the way.

The first stop will be in Itilleq, from here there will be an easy hike across the Path of Kings to the idyllic Igaliku settlement. Igaliku is a beautifully located settlement with green surroundings. Apart from the farm the place is a popular summer destination for the local people. The place is also rich with history, as you here will find the ruins of Gardar, the archdiocese of Viking Greenland. The area is also recently declared an Unesco World Heritage Site.

When you have finishind exploring Igaliku you will sail on to Qassiarsuk with a visit to the Qooroq icefjord on the way. In this fjord you find one of the most active glaciers in Southern Greenland, making the fjord a beautiful ice landscape. We will sail as far into the fjord as the ice allows, until it is impossible to get any further - an unforgettable experience.

When we reach Qassiarsuk you will spend the night at Leif Eriksson Hostel.

Day 6
Wonders of Greenland | South Greenland - day 6

Hike and kayaking

After breakfast in Qassiarsuk you will be hiking to Tasiusaq farms, located next to Sermilik fjord, which is almost always completedly filled with icebergs from the great Eqaloruutsit glacier. South Greenland is full of beautiful nature where ever you look!

Tasiusaq farms is not the only sheep farm in the area, but the hie will go further to the idyllic Nunataaq farmlands, where you will enjoy the picnic lunch. After lunch it is time for optional activities, as you have the option to go kayaking int the "Iceberg Bay" for an additional price of 635 DKK. It is a 2 hours kayaking trip, perfect for beginners, as it is one of the nicest and safest spots to kayak in Southern Greenland.

Tonight you can either spend the night at Tasiusaq hostel or hike back to Leif Eriksson Hostel in Qassiarsuk.

Day 7
Wonders of Greenland | South Greenland - day 7

Flower Valley and Kiattut glacier

Today you will start the journey towards Narsarsuaq. First step is to cross the fjord and then after a short transfer by car there will be a walk through the Flower Valley until you get a view over the Kiattut glacier and the landscape around it. You will get a super panoramic view over the vast white Ice Cap and the nunatak's coming up through the ice.

In the evening there will be a farewell dinner at the Leif Eriksson Hostel with traditional local products from fish, whale, seal, caribou and its like.

Day 8
Wonders of Greenland | South Greenland - day 8

Return to Denmark

When in Narsarsuaq there will be time to walk around in the area and visit the local museum Bluie West that reflects the history of the creation of the village of Narsarsuaq from the past and especially its role played in the Second World War. Another option is to take an easy hike to "The View Piont", an one hour hike from the hotel, where you will have views of the fjord, the Narsarsuaq plain and the Kiattut glacier.

Then it is time to wave goodbye to the fjords, mountains and glaciers, as you will fly back to Copenhagen.

What to bring

Good, practical clothes for outdoor activities. Bring layers, so you can regulate according to the temperature
Good boots for hiking
Wind- and waterproof outer wear
Prescription medicine if necessary

Good to know

The hikes are quite easy, approximately 3 or 4 hours walking, and suitable for most abilities. The excursion on ice with crampons will be guided by a mountain guide, and is also suitable for anyone physically active and with an adventurous attitude.

The tour will only be confirmed if there are between 4 and 12 participants.

Trips to Greenland are always subject to weather conditions. Delays and flight cancellations can happen. Therefore we strongly recommend you to buy a travel insurance in the country of residence that would cover any additional travel expenses, should your flights be delayed or cancelled due to weather.

In Greenland the currency used is Danish Kroner (DKK), foreign currency is not widely accepted. It is recommended to bring Danish Kroner. Using credit and debit card, an PIN-code is required.

From mid August, there are chances of seeing northern lights.

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