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Join this tour, that combines visits to two of Nuuks best and most interesting sites: the beautiful and architecturally interesting buildings of the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources and Ilimmarfik, University of Greenland. The tour will focus on the history of science in Greenland and the displayed art and architecture of the two buildings, both decorated by internationally recognized artists Aka Høegh and Anne-Birthe Hove.

The tour starts at the architecturally interesting building of The Greenland Institute of Natural Resources. Being a former Communications Officer at the Institute, the guide has great inside knowledge of both the science conducted and history behind the Institute and the exhibition Paasisaqarusuppunga, Science and Society.

The exhibition ties the building together and inspires the visitor to explore the architectural landscape while learning about the history of science in Greenland starting with the Danish cleric and Naturalist Otto Fabricius. It displays his outstanding work as a humanist and scientist that was the basis of the world-famous Fauna Groenlandica, published 1790. It also displays the “Plankton Cloud” which creates an impressive view into the otherwise invisible microworld of the sea and the shell of the world´s biggest bivalve, that lived approximately 83 million years ago.

The tour continues with a short walk to the neighbouring building Ilimmarfik that houses the University of Greenland and the National Archives, Groenlandica. Ilimmarfik was finished 10 years after the Institute, and is also decorated by Aka Høegh and Anne Birthe Hove and contains artwork of Julie Edel Hardenberg a.o. After the tour, you can buy lunch or have a coffee and cake in the canteen of Ilimmarfik, which offers a spectacular view over the fiord to the landmark of Nuuk, Sermitsiaq Mountain.

The tour will take about 1.5 hours. There are plenty of possibilities to sit and rest during the tour while listening to the stories and facts of the buildings, the art and the scientific work of the Natural Institute and the University of Greenland.  

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