Boat tour to Apusiaajik Glacier & Kuummiit Settlement | East Greenland

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Embark on this beautiful sailing tour to the incredible Apusiaajik glacier and Kuummiit settlement. An experience of a lifetime Arctic wonders of fjord landscapes, potential calving glaciers and wildlife.

Your tour starts from the harbour in Tasiilaq, from where we’ll sail north of Kulusuk to the glacier front of Apusiaajik Glacier, through King Oscars Fjord. Along the way, there are great chances of encountering wildlife and icebergs.

Arriving at the glacier is a magnificent sight, as the glacier brink and moraine steeply rises into the surrounding mountain landscape. We’ll spend time here, listening to sounds of the glacier that might turn into a thundering roar if it suddenly calves.

Next destination of the tour, brings you to the settlement of Kuummiit. In Kuumiit we’ll get off the boat, and onto land, so you can it explore it on your own. Kuummiit translates to “the people from the river”. The settlement only has about 300 inhabitants, so you can get a good impression of the village in a short while.

From Kuummiit we’ll continue sailing into a narrow fjord known as Ikaasaluaq. Sailing along this fjord makes you feel tiny with the high mountain peaks on each side with several glaciers creeping down the valleys. We’ll sail close to another part of the Apuseerajik glacier and go ashore to enjoy lunch with the most incredible views. We’ll spend about 2 hours here before it’s time to head back to Tasiilaq.

Whenever we’re sailing it’s a good idea to keep a lookout for the wildlife in the area, you can find seals and several species of whales if we’re lucky.

If this sounds like the tour for you then go ahead and choose the day and book your adventure now!  


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