Colorful Land of Icebergs | Tasiilaq | East Greenland

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Come along this adventure to the colourful town Tasiilaq – also known as the land of icebergs. This tour is for anyone who loves the wonders of the arctic, from the white and blue nuanced icebergs to the majestic glaciers!

Situated on Ammassalik Island, lies Tasiilaq in its own little bay, surrounded by sky high peaky mountain tins and iceberg filled waters. Tasiilaq is translated to ‘’Something resembling a lake’’, due to the numerous amount of lakes on Ammassalik Island.

Today the town is one of the fastest growing communities in Greenland, therefore offering a wide range of adventures in the area.

Already from the start, you are promised a mesmerizing and unique adventure, as the journey from Kulusuk to Tasiilaq is one of the most scenic expeditions imaginable, you will fly high above the ice-filled seas.

Tasiilaq is just south of the Arctic Circle, therefore you can take advantage of your time in Tasiilaq all year around, experience the northern lights in the winter or explore under the orange rays of the midnight sun!

Tie your hiking boots and bring your warmest hat, Tasiilaq awaits you! Check the booking availability and book your adventure now! 

Ups... This tour is not available at the moment. 

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