Experience The Fascinating Igaliku Settlement | Private tour | Qaqortoq | South Greenland

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Witness one of South Greenland's most beautiful destinations, with this five-hour excursion - taking you to the settlement Igaliko! On this tour, you can experience the enchanting beauty of South Greenland, and walk in the footsteps of the Norse Vikings.

Igaliko is a farm settlement in Erik The Reds fjord. Here the beautiful surroundings consist of rolling green hills, where the higher snow-covered mountaintops peek over, creating stunning scenery. Due to the spectacular setting, Igaliko is known as Greenland's most beautiful place.

Your tour starts by the tourist ponton, in Qaqortoq Harbour. Here you will be welcomed by a local captain, who safely will sail you through Erik The Red's fjord. As you venture into the fjord, enjoy the vegetated fjord landscape.

Apart from the beautiful nature and today's farm-life, Igaliko is also a place with Norse-Viking history. Igaliko is where the Norsemen around the year 1100 founded the Gardar Cathedral for the bishop. Today you can still see the ruins of the place. Later Igaliko became the home to Greenland's first modern agriculture when the Norwegian farmer Anders Olsen in 1782 settled down here with his Greenlandic wife, Tuperna.

We will dock near Igaliko, but to get to the settlement you will have to conquer a 45-minute hike - but in these beautiful surroundings, it is easily done. Strolling down the 'Kingsroad' will bring you to the small settlement. Once you arrive in Igaliko, you are free to do whatever your heart desires. Explore the Gardar Cathedral, hike the surrounding grass hills, drink a cup of coffee, or chat with a local. 

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