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Do you want to do like the locals? Then join on this fishing trip and try to catch your own dinner!

As locals, we know the fjord around Nuuk like the palm of our own hands and we know exactly where to take you for a good catch of cod. We will sail out from Nuuk harbour and depending on the weather, we'll find the best spot for fishing for you and your fellow explorers.

Fishing is a very important part of the Greenlandic culture, as fish play a big role in the traditional diet. Today many people have their own boat and go out to fish to sustain their families or just for fun. Fishing is a great activity, you both get the excitement when you feel something nibbling your bait. At the same time it is very relaxing as you get to enjoy the surrounding nature, wildlife and feel the fresh arctic wind in your hair. The fjord system around Nuuk is enormous and where ever you will sail, you will have picturesque mountains around you.

The Greenlandic cod can get quite big and it can get very exciting from the moment you feel it on the hook to you finally have it on-board the boat. You both have to be quick but also careful that you do not loose it again. If we do not catch anything within the first couple of minutes we will sail to another spot to try our luck.

Do not hesitate to join on this fun trip to the fjord when you are in Nuuk. Check the availability in "Book Now" above!


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