Grand Fly Fishing Adventure | Nuuk

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June - August
4 days
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Come along this mesmerizing fly-fishing adventure, deep into the veins of Nuuk fjord. This is a place dominated by the forces of nature and almost unreachable. This tour is for those who are seeking an adventure, allowing yourself to immerse in the Greenlandic wilderness and remote nature, in which you will be fishing in boisterous rivers.

After years of searching for the perfect fly-fishing river in Nuuk fjord, we have found the one. In this river, the trout fish are both big and strong. We ensure that t this is the best place to fish for trout in Nuuk.

The fish are longer, heavier and there are more of them than in any river in the fjord! The stretch used for fishing is 4 kilometres long and surrounded by untouched and uninhabited endless miles of arctic tundra. In the long strokes and swings of the river, the trout awaits to bite on the foam flies. The biggest fish caught in the river, was 85 cm long and so wide, that not even the hand of an adult man could reach around. It was approximately 6 kg heavy.

The camp consists of tents with room for 3, but shared by 2. At the campsite, there is a huge tent for joint activities. You will be given a box of food supplies for share with your tent mate, and a trangia set.

Stand by the great river and fly fish, while the arctic winds long to play with your hair, by booking! Check the booking availability by pressing ''Book Now'' above.


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