Inuit Hike | Sisimiut | West Greenland

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June - October
3 hours
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Hike back in time to experience a place, where the Inuit have been living for the last 4.000 years. A 3-hour hike is what awaits you on this exciting tour!

This tour takes you to the little island Sallinnguit, which in English is called The Tele Island, as it is where the modern telecommunications installations are located. This little island has been an attractive place through thousands of years first as the settlement for different Inuit cultures as the Saqqaq culture, Dorset culture and the Thule people and today you find the shrimp-peeling factory of Royal Greenland and also historic residential houses from the early industrialized period in Greenland. Sallinnguit is no longer a separate island, it is now connected to the city with a little bridge, as it has been a central part of the development.

This tour will walk you through the area and its history. You will hear the amazing story about the Inuit way of life before the influence of the Europeans. From there you will further hear about the early days of colonization an the history up until today. You will see the ruins from different periods in time and enjoy the view over ancient hunting grounds and the town, where you see the mixture of historical and modern buildings.

Tie your hiking boots and bring your walking sticks, for this hike searching for vanished ages! Check the booking availability by pressing ''Book Now'' above.


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Adult (12 years+)
Children (5 – 11 years)