Kayaking & Arctic Char Fishing | Nuuk | West Greenland

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Would you like to experience a local gem, adored by the locals? Come along to the wild and vast Akia, and kayak in the wilderness to a hidden local gem, a river full of arctic char.

Your adventure starts in the colonial harbor, where you and your fellow explorer will be greeted by your captain. From here you venture out on the neighboring seas and travel to Akia, also known as the Northland. Once you get to shore, a 20-minute hike on the arctic tundra waits to be conquered. Enjoy the peacefulness and the spellbinding surroundings, keep an eye out for wildlife playing hide and seek between the mountainsides.

After the 20-minute hike, you and your fellow explorer will find some kayaks waiting for you on the shore of a gigantic lake, with perfect conditions for kayaking. The captain will give you instructions on how to kayak and once you have mastered the art, you venture out on the lake! This kayaking tour takes you west to a remote and hidden river, full of arctic char. Slide your paddle slowly through the waters and let the arctic winds slip through your hair, this is an experience that will decorate any explorer! 

After an hour of exploring the hidden corners of the lake,  we will arrive at the river,  where you will be fishing for arctic char. The river is a local and hidden gem, due to its rich waters. In the breeding season of the arctic char, it is said that you can shovel the many fish. Enjoy the mesmerizing surroundings, while mastering the art of fishing! After a couple of hours of fishing, we return by kayak to the east of the lake and return to Nuuk by boat.  

This adventure is the perfect combination of kayaking, fishing and Greenland’s outstanding nature.  Come along and bring your fellow explorers! Check the booking availability by pressing ‘Book Now’ above.  


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1 review for Kayaking & Arctic Char Fishing | Nuuk | West Greenland

  1. Martin Kviesgaard (verified owner)

    Lovely day in wonderfull surroundings, kayaking and fishing Arctic char!

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