The Arctic Sauna Experience | Ilulissat | Disko Bay

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June - September
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Take a break from the many adventures Ilulissat has to offer, with our 1 ½ hour Arctic Sauna Experience! You will be overlooking the sea, with views of drifting icebergs, while sitting in our relaxing and soothing sauna.

If you need a break from cruising Ilulissat Icefjord by boat and hiking to Sermermiut Valley, this is the perfect opportunity for you to relax while enjoying the breathtaking nature of Greenland. You will be hiding from the cold temperatures in our heated sauna, that overlooks the ever-so beautiful Disko Bay.

Before going into the sauna, our guide will welcome you with a towel and a short introduction of our bath and changing room. Once you are ready, the Sauna Experience will begin! Our guide will be of your assistance through the whole session, adding etheric oils to the hot temperatures for you to relax and enjoy. Every 10-15 minutes, we will go outside to stimulate our blood flow and to get refreshed.  It is also possible to take a dip in our cold outdoor tub, to really get your blood flowing!

Get your blood flowing and body relaxed by reserving a spot in our sauna, that overlooks Disko Bay and its countless icebergs.  To reserve a spot in our sauna by clicking on ​Book Now.​


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