Traditional Inuit dogsled expedition | Uummannaq | North Greenland

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Come along on this 7-day Arctic adventure and experience the life of the traditional Inuit, hunters and fishermen of North Greenland for a week in the winter. This is an extraordinary insight, to the well preserved Inuit culture, found North of the Polar Circle.

You will arrive at the town of Uummannaq, far north of the Arctic Circle. Here the winters are long and full of snow, you will see a stunning landscape of frozen fjords, where the icebergs are caught, with a backdrop of the iconic heart-shaped Uummannaq mountain. Uummannaq is an island located in a big fjord, which freezes in winter. In winter the sea ice turns into a highway for the local people and hunters, who on dogsleds, snowmobiles, and sometimes in cars travel far on the ice.

On this 7 day tour, you will truly experience travelling on a dogsled. You will travel out of Uummannaq on the dogsled with a local hunter and join him in his daily life, help with setting out long lines for fishing under the ice, and go seal hunting. Being a hunter in these areas is not easy and you will have to live on the terms of nature, in a constant battle with the forces of mother nature. Your patience will be tested and you will work hard, but also have fun, experience a silence like nowhere else and get really close to the hunter and his sleddogs. 

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