Waterfall Hike | Kangerlussuaq | West Greenland

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Come along this hiking adventure, taking you through the spectacular terrain in which Kangerlussuaq is enriched by. You and your fellow explorers will hike to a majestic waterfall, where you can enjoy the sounds of running water, only disturbed by birds chattering above.

The area around Kangerlussuaq is a vast wonderland for every explorer! It is a landscape for the flower enthusiasts, wildlife admirer and those who just want to experience and explore the arctic landscape. This tour will give you the opportunity for all of the above and the joy of visiting a waterfall in Greenland.

We will from Kangerlussuaq venture inland, it is a unique journey that will enchant you and your fellow explorers beyond belief. En route you will be hiking in the presence of arctic wildlife, and it is almost certain that you will witness wildlife of either arctic rabbits, foxes or larger mammals, such as caribou and musk ox. You will be hiking on the sand valleys, the arctic tundra and conquer hilltops for an overview of the terrain.

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