Gate Way To Greenland | Kulusuk & Tasiilaq | East Greenland

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Multi-day Tour
June - August
5 days
Start town
Kulusuk Tasiilaq
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This adventurous journey through time will take you to places that is nothing like anywhere else. This trip takes you through the colourful East Coast, starting of in Kulusuk, where you will be taken through town and its historical background. A small settlement of 375 inhabitants, generally known as the gateway to East Greenland.

You will be staying in Kulusuk for 1 night and on the second day transferred to Tasiilaq town. You will be travelling by boat, an authentic experience sailing across the arctic waters. When in Tasiilaq you will be accommodated in Hotel Angmagssalik, a beautiful hotel with a breathtaking view over the town.

Tasiilaq is the biggest town on the East Coast with approximately 2000 inhabitants. Tasiilaq is situated on an island going by the name Ammassalik with plenty of opportunities for hikes, conquering mountains, sailing among numerous icebergs, see glaciers of enormous size and cultural experiences.

This tour will take you to an abandoned American airbase, take you through ice fjords and come up close to majestic glaciers. Get to see the gifted locals make handicrafts, go on a city walk and a hike through the stunning Flower Valley. This trip will give you the ultimate arctic experience, allowing you to see Greenland in the summer season.

So pull out your hiking clothes, camera gear and check out the booking availability and book your adventure now!

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