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June - September
2 hours
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Join on this easy hike to the beautiful Qorlortorsuaq waterfall when you visit Qeqertarsuaq, the Disko Island. Visiting Qeqertarsuaq is a geat opportunity to truly get away from the busy everyday life.

In Greenlandic Qorlortorsuaq means "the big waterfall". On this trip you walk out of town, into the beautiful landscape. On the way you will see the diverse landscape - the rough basalt mountains, green grass and colorful flowers.

After hiking for a while you will start to hear the sound from the waterfall. Soon you will also see the beautiful right of the water carving its way through the landscape. This water comes from the glacier that lies in the middle of the island. Stand for a while in peace, close your eyes, and enjoy the lively sounds from the waterfall. 

Geologically the Disko Island is unique and very different from mainland Greenland, as the island is much younger than the rest of the country. A big part of the island consist of tall, steep mountains and in the middle of the island there you find the Lyngmark glacier. In Greenlandic Qeqertarsuaq means "the big island".

Even though the island itself, geologically is younger than the mainland, the village of Qeqertarsuaq is one of the oldest settlements in Greenland, dating back to 1773. 

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