Boat tour in Nuuk Fjord with icebergs and whales

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Summertime in Greenland is pretty different from any other place in the arctic. First of all, the weather you can experience up here, is not what you expected. While the sun is brightly shining, you can get the nicest tan ever!

I had a boat trip in Nuuk Fjord which I thought was going to be canceled due to weather conditions. When we were waiting for the tour to start, the fog came down to Nuuk city, and our Captain called Peter announced that we could probably head back earlier if the weather was not good for sailing.

Surprisingly, the weather improved as soon as we left the city, and then we had the chance to enjoy the calm of the sea, the beautiful landscapes surrounded by mountains and an unexpected warm breeze. 

Flowers blooming and a boat in the background
Mountian seen from the water
Boat driver

When we started sailing, we turned to the left, and after a while, we sailed back to Nuuk directly to the opposite side of the fiord, where the weather was again foggy and the sea turned bumpy. Captain Peter was very optimistic and kept sailing towards the huge icebergs! We had tons of fun and when we thought it was time to go back, we had a cozy coffee break.

The capacity of the boat is up to 6 people, with heating and comfortable seats. The Captain offered coffee, tea and fig cookies, but it is possible to order lunch in advance or even bring some lunch with you. 

Big iceberg in the water
Cake and coffee

It was on our way back when all of a sudden we had the nicest encounter ever! We spotted a whale and it stayed there for more than 30 minutes, swimming around the 3 boats that were sailing at that moment on the fiord. It could not have been better, we just finished the excursion with a flourish!!! 


If you like more information about sailing in Nuuk Fjord, just look at Guide to Greenland booking site. 

I found this on youtube, which show much like my tour.

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