Covid-19 – Greenland is open!

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Status: January 27th, 2022

In this article, you can find information about the travel restrictions that apply when entering Greenland.

The corona situation in Greenland is assessed on an ongoing basis by the authorities. Depending on the given situation, the Nalaakkersuisut (government) can relax, tighten, shorten or extend the existing restrictions.

We will try to keep our information updated, as soon as there is news about changes in restrictions.

As a result of the increase of COVID cases in Greenland, only fully vaccinated people and formerly COVID-infected (2-12 weeks prior travel) can travel to Greenland.

Please read the summary below for more detailed information.

In summary:

  • Both Air Greenland and AirIceland can offer commercial flights to Greenland.
  • Check to see if your country is on the allowed list to enter Denmark or Iceland (depending on your departure place). Find out the last requirements for entering Denmark or Iceland.
  • Until 14th February 2022, just fully vaccinated people are allowed to enter Greenland (residents are exempt). You must show proof of full vaccination (defined as having all shots for the given vaccine type). (Please note that you must have received the vaccination’s final injection at least 14 days prior to travel).
  • People who can show proof of having had COVID-19 between 2-12 weeks prior travel can also travel to Greenlnd.
  • A PCR test is no longer required when traveling to Greenland.
  • Kids age 11 and under are exempt regardless of place of the residence.
  • There are requirement to wear a face mask in public spaces, transport and shops.
  • Also note that vaccination documentation is a requirement for several public places or a negative corona test (if you are not fully vaccinated) on visits to restaurants, cafes, sights, tours, and travel domestically.
  • Cafes, restaurants, bars are closed earlier than usual.
  • Alcohol sales and consumption are suspended in some districts.

Further information in English can be found at the Nunatsinni Nakorsaaneqarfik website

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Save tourism: Postpone – don’t cancel!

Guide to Greenland asks our guests to postpone rather than cancel their travel plans to Greenland. This pandemic will pass, and global tourism will start up again. Postponing rather than cancelling gives the tour operators we cooperate with the best chance to survive this crisis and be ready for more adventures once we can all start travelling again.

For clients with questions 

Please read the current Guide to Greenland cancellation policy here

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