Cemetery in Kulusuk

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Cemetery in Kulusuk

This is a flashback to the summer of 2013 when I had the chance to visit East Greenland, my first adventure in Kalaallit Nunaat. I booked the trip through a spanish travel agency. The guide picked me up at the airport and a nice man gave us a ride to the downtown. The accommodation had been at the inuit houses, with local families; it was like a fairy tale, the best gateway to introduce travellers to inuit culture. The first two days we were exploring the small town, inhabitated by 200-ish people, then we went on a hike and took a walk around the settlement, where I caught a glimpse of the ocean dotted with huge and small icebergs, also the glaciers and the open cemetery full of white crosses, where the souls are finding their path to the underworld. I enjoyed the stunning landscapes and do believe the dead rest in peace in such place,  don’t you think?

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