Nuuk Adventure

Nuuk Adventure

Wilderness adventures near Nuuk

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About Nuuk Adventure

We are a local tour provider offering adventures in the wilderness and waterways around Nuuk.

    • Explore the Nuuk Fjord, go birdwatching, or go deep sea fishing to catch your own dinner on one of our boat tours.
    • Hunt reindeer (caribou) and small game, or fish for Arctic Char on one of our backcountry excursions.
    • Treat yourself to a remarkable stand-up paddleboarding experience – either with whales or amongst the icebergs of the Nuuk Icefjord.

You can also hire hiking and camping gear from us.

Our Tours

Discover all our tours. Click through for more information and to book your trip with us. 

Puffin Safari

Visit a colony of Puffins (Sea Parrots) on a boat trip to an island close to Nuuk.

Stand-up paddlboarding with whales in the Nuuk Fjord - summer - Guide to Greenland

Stand up paddleboard with Whales / Fjord adventure

An indescribable paddleboarding experience where we launch our boards near whales or, if we don’t find any, in a beautiful location within the Nuuk Fjord.

Stand-up Paddleboarding amongst the Icebergs

Travel the length of the spectacular Nuuk Fjord for a unique experience of stand up paddleboarding (SUP) amongst thousands of icebergs. No previous experience necessary!

Introduction to Stand-up Paddleboarding

Get started with stand-up paddleboarding on this introductory course that explains best techniques. A perfect after-work activity.

Nuuk Fjord Discovery

A short, 2-hour boat trip to see some of the most spectacular scenery in the Nuuk Fjord.

Icefjord hike or Kapisillit Settlement Visit

A tour with two different options at the end of the Nuuk Fjord. Either spend your time exploring Kapisillit – the only still-functioning settlement in this part of Greenland, or hike to the amazing Nuuk Icefjord to see thousands of icebergs.

Grand Fly Fishing Adventure

4 days of fly-fishing for trout, deep in the untouched wilderness of the Nuuk Fjord. One of the best places for trout fishing near Nuuk.

Kayaking & Arctic Char Fishing

Spend the entire day exploring Akia (Nordland) via kayak and foot, and bring home fresh fish for dinner.

Arctic Char Ice fishing

A full winter’s day of fishing for Arctic Char through the ice. Enjoy the relative comfort of our heated tent while you wait for your perfect catch.

Private Charter Tours

Discover all our private charter options. Click through for more information and to book your trip with us. 

Best of the Nuuk Fjord

A private 5-hour sailing tour of the Nuuk Fjord taking in some of the most spectacular scenery, and the abandoned settlement of Qoornoq.

Icefjord Affair

A private 7-hour excursion to enjoy the full length of the Nuuk fjord and the millions of icebergs within the Nuuk Icefjord.

Out Of Town Fishing Adventure – Qooqqut

A private, 5-hour fishing trip to catch cod and arcadian redfish near the old sheep farm of Qooqqut.

Out Of Town Fishing Adventure Oriartorfik

A private, 5-hour fishing trip to catch cod and arcadian redfish near the impressive mountain of Oriartorfik

Sleep in the wilderness

Spend 3 days on Akia (Northland) as you please. We transfer you and provide you with a tent and other items to keep you relaxed and enjoying this peaceful setting .