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Good food at Restaurant Nordlys in Nuuk

Greenlandic Food

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Greenlandic Music – Nanook

Merry Christmas from Greenland

Legends, myths and storytelling in Greenland

Snow festival Nuuk

National clothes

Qaqortoq museum

Brasserie & Wine bar – Hotel Arctic Ilulissat

Shop Siku – Ilulissat

December in Greenland

Greenland mask dance

Santa’s address in Greenland

Christmas in Greenland – 2019

I published a book and held a Greenlandic photo exhibition!

Dried meat and fish

The Inuit Culture in the Arctic

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Fish market in Nuuk, tasty and fresh!

Knitting in Greenland

Sunday well spent

Greenlandic souvenirs

Visiting Greenland national museum

Dorit Olsen – the transparent talent at Dooit Design

Tupilak – a souvenir that protects you

A Greenlandic wedding – Love in Nuuk!

Polar bears at their Arctic Kingdom

Polar Bear Skin-Workers in Isortoq, East Greenland

Dog Sled Expedition in East Greenland

Seal Hunting One Brilliant Day in Sermilik Fjord, East Greenland

The charming capital of Greenland – Nuuk

Ilulissat – Gargantuan icebergs, whale filled fjords and fascinating Inuit hunters

Silent swimming in Malik

Volunteering at Nuuk Snow Festival – part 1

Volunteering at Nuuk Snow Festival – part 2

Shopping in Nuuk

Storytelling up North – The Inuit Legend of Sedna

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Greenlandic sense of humour

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