Shopping in Nuuk

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It’s Saturday morning and we have decided to spend a day shopping in Nuuk. We start our day of shopping in Nuuk Center (abbreviated NC), which is the largest shopping center with more than 25 stores. The stores are all a mix of stores carrying mens- and womens clothes, restaurants, hardware dealers, a hairdresser and consumer electronics.

Womens clothing store in Nuuk Center

A large selection

We find a great little pizza place and we decide to eat lunch here. We share a slice with beef and extra cheese (because you can’t have a pizza without extra cheese) and a shawarma. It’s exactly what we need!

We end up spending a couple of hours strolling around and looking in stores. We are very surprised by how many well-known brands that the stores carry. Amongst others, the stores carry Malene Birger, VILA and Jack & Jones. Several stores also sell several delicacies like chocolate, pesto and champagne – there are literally stores for every taste!

Woman looking at glasses in a store in Nuuk Center

Anori Art

We spend some time in Anori Art. In Anori Art they carry a wide selection of Greenlandic souvenirs – including the popular tupilakker – and many articles made of seal skin. We are definitely coming back here!

Woman looking at clothes in a store in  Nuuk Center

Nuuk is so much more than just great outdoor adventures. Nuuk is like any other large city – just in a smaller scale – and has everything the heart desires. You can easily combine your planned tours and trips with a cozy afternoon with shopping and great food in Nuuk Center. The centre is absolutely worth a visit!

However, if you haven’t had time to shop during your holidays we would recommend visiting the online store where you can find everything from clothes, souvenirs to home decor created by Greenlandic designers!

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