Fish market in Nuuk, tasty and fresh!

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Must of the hunters and fisherman in Greenland sell the meet to the locals or to the Open Markets. In Nuuk you can find a Fish market right in the centre of the town; its name is Kalaalimineerniarfik. 

The name of this place is KALAALIARAQ, which means “the little greenlandic” and is located in the old town of Nuuk. 

Fishmarket in Nuuk
Fresh fish at the fishmarket in Nuuk
People leaving the Fishmarket in Nuuk
Dried frish from the Fishmarket in Nuuk

As you may imagine, people can find here not only fish but meat. The most popular is: cod, cat fish, salmon, acadian fish, trout, halibut, whale (minke whale or narwhal), seal, and when the hunting season starts, you will find ptarmigan and reindeer meat very often. 

Not only fresh meat but also dry fish you can get here, and the staff are always friendly, smiling, showing and explaining what they offer. They speak kalaallisut, danish and most of them provide information in english as well. 

Whale poster in the Fishmarket in Nuuk
Fresh meat at the Fishmarket in Nuuk
Dried fish at the Fishmarket in Nuuk
Two people cheering inside the Fishmarket in Nuuk
Fishmarket in Nuuk seen from above

Here is a video of this important market in Nuuk. 

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