Silent swimming in Malik

By Verified Expert
Malik swimming pool in Nuuk
Photo by Toke Broedsgaard 

“Malik” reportedly means wave in Kalaallisut (the Greenlandic language). When you see the Malik from the outside, you won’t question its name. The roof of the building is shaped like a wave and lies beautifully by the water. 

Both of us have previously visited Malik and we both very much enjoy going there. There are multiple facilities inside the swimming bath like swimming lanes, a heated pool area, bubble bath, infrared sauna, regular sauna, collagen therapy, and solarium – basically anything you can think of!

A while back a colleague of ours recommended us so-called silent swimming in Malik and we decided to try it out. 

Friday night after dinner we headed out into the freezing cold and snowy weather to take the bus to Malik. Even though we have a short walk to the bus stop, we were instantly freezing and couldn’t wait to get in the hot water!

As we approached Malik, we noticed how beautifully lit the building was.

Beautiful architecture

The first thing we did when entering the swimming bath was lane swimming. The temperature of the water in this facility is great for active swimming, though we felt a bit cold after a while and decided to jump into the heated pool. 

While swimming, the pool staff lit candles and dimmed the lights whilst quiet and calming music was playing from the speakers – very relaxing. The staff also set up a table with water, tea and fruit for everyone to grab from. 

After a long swim, we spent quite a while in the hot, woodsy-scented sauna before heading home in the freezing cold weather. 

If you need to relax and warm up your body and loosen your muscles – maybe after a good hike or a day spent skiing – we highly recommend silent swimming in Malik. Silent swimming is only available on Fridays in even weeks, though we also recommend going any other day of the week.

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