My 10 favourite Greenlandic Photos

By Verified Expert

Would like to share some of my best moments in Greenland.

Without so many words, but I have written on each photo what you see. Enjoy!

Sleddog with the icefjord in the background

A good listener, the Greenlandic sleddog, sharing the sound of the icebergs cracking.

Houses with Northen Lights

The green » Greenlandic lady « also know as Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis.

Path in Ilulisat

Following the pads in Ilulissat.


Surrounded by cool friends. Dogsledding at its best.

Huge iceberg

Reaching the frozen smiles… making a way in the sea ice.

Huse with a view of the icefjord

Feeling home in Tiniteqilaaq, a small cozy settlement in East Greenland.

Saling away from big icebergs

Leaving behind the cool »neighborhood«. 

View from the airplane

Heaven is down there…

Arctic cotton grass.

Arctic cotton grass.

The pink sky

Sweet cotton clouds in the sky

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