The most beautiful flight to Nuuk

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Early Thursday morning at Copenhagen Airport

It’s early Thursday morning in Copenhagen Airport. Despite the weather being sad and grey, our spirits are high because we have been waiting for this day for more than a year and a half. Finally, the day has arrived!

We meet up at the airport and complete check-in together. We are both a bit hungry and make a quick stop at Lagkagehuset, where we get quick bite and a cup of coffee to go as we make our way to gate B10. At the gate, it isn’t long before the airport staff let us know that it is time to board.

We board a large red Air Greenland aircraft – an Airbus a330-800 – which has eight seats on each row. The service on board is great, and the food exceeds all expectations.

On the headrest on the seat in front us of is a small screen on which, we are able to listen to music, watch movies, and follow the route of the aircraft, which takes us over both the Faroe Islands, Iceland and the Greenland Ice Cap.

View of Greenland from above, land covered in snow

Layover in Kangerlussuaq

As we approach Kangerlussuaq, we look out the windows and see large mountainsides rise up on both sides of the aircraft. From where we are sitting, it almost looks like both wings of the aircraft are about to touch the mountainsides. Luckily not, and we land safely in Kangerlussuaq.

A bitter cold strikes us as we leave the plane. The cold, but fresh air can be felt all the way down our lungs and deep in our bones. It is very different from Aarhus downtown, where the air is filled with petrol fumes and noise.

The airport in Kangerlussuaq is small, and we are just here for a short while, before we board the small propeller plane to Nuuk. 

View of Greenland from above, land covered in snow

Arrival in Nuuk 

The motors on the propeller plane can be heard from inside the cabine. To travel with such a small plane is a very extraordinary experience for the both of us, since we have not done it before. The pilot asks us to put on our seat belts and prepares for take-off. The propellers on the plane go faster and faster and suddenly, we are in the air. 

The higher we get, the more beautiful the view becomes. Through the window we see endless amounts of snow, ice and dark blue water. It is simply a beautiful sight, and not before long, we pull our camera from the bag and start snapping pictures.

After approximately 50 minutes, small colored houses appear in the white snow and shortly after, a small runway appears. The pilot flies by the runway, over the city to make a turn and prepares for landing. It is a beautiful view of the houses which have now become much bigger.

As we sit and look out the window over the city, in which we will be living for the next six months, we fell the ground beneath us, and the plane stops. We are finally here!

View of Greenland from above, land covered in snow

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